Meet a More Engaged Child in Just 12 Weeks

Award-winning learning app developed through research at Harvard Medical School*

Intended for ages 3-7

*Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Massachusetts General Hospital are carrying out research with DoBrain between 2019-2022 to validate the effects of DoBrain on cognition improvement for children in the United States as part of the FDA approval process.

Expert Staff, Services and Professional Assistance 

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"After using DoBrain, my child began showing creativity everywhere. Once she put blocks, toys, cushions and blankets together as artwork. My jaw dropped."

Father of Swara, Age 5

"I can sense his focus when using DoBrain. He doesn’t give up easily, and is not surprised when faced with new problems. He's a more confident boy now."

Mother of Arjun, Age 5

"At age 3, she became rowdy and wouldn’t listen anymore. But on DoBrain, she's begun to show extreme focus."

Mother of Myra, Age 4


500+ Skill-Building Activities, Puzzles & Games

15-Minute Sessions

Helps children maintain consistent focus and the desire to learn more

Designed to Challenge

Challenges children and trains them to work toward bigger achievements

Monitor Progress

Keep track of your child's progress from a dashboard within the app

Maximize the Value of Your Child's Screen Time

Animations that promote focus

The vibrant look and feel of the app has been designed to capture your child's full attention in each lesson.

Fun characters and stories

Friendly characters will be your child's companion as they make progress.

95% of DoBrain Parents Noticed Improvements in Learning

"My kids have tried so many educational apps this year...BrainPop, Homer, PBS Kids Games, and others. Out of all the apps I’ve downloaded, DoBrain is the only one they use regularly."


"DoBrain is better than my son's International-level kindergarten."


Shown to Increase Learning Ability by up to 18%

"Many important inputs are needed for the healthy development of children's brains. DoBrain was designed to target those inputs."

Yejin Choi, DoBrain Founder

Powerful Results Are Possible Through Sustained Use

DoBrain research is conducted with a diverse set of children

Mia, Age 6

IQ Score ⬆12 points

"Mia remembers better. She now can tell me the difference between one thing and another. I wish DoBrain would make more programs for older kids."

Denise, Age 3


IQ Score ⬆8 points

"At first Denise didn't like getting things wrong. But a couple weeks later, my 3-year-old old autistic child began differentiating shapes and sizes.”

Terrance, Age 5

IQ Score ⬆16 points

"My child went from a TV-holic to a DoBrain maniac. He not only remembers colors, but even the back of rotated shapes!”

Si, Age 5

IQ Score ⬆17 points

"Stick figures were the only things Si was able to draw. After DoBrain, his drawing has more colors and emotion."

Bettina, Age 4


IQ Score ⬆9 points

“Bettina never learned arithmetic, so you can imagine how surprised I was when she started counting by herself. Absolutely amazing!”

William, Age 6


IQ Score ⬆5 points

"I used to be scared to take my child to cafes, because he would shout and throw tantrums. With DoBrain, he sits quiet anywhere.”

A Learning App that Parents Genuinely Love

Kids connect with the stories and characters, and parents are thrilled to see their children focus on the lessons independently.

Intended for ages 3-7

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DoBrain cost?

DoBrain is available starting $19.99/mo. Access DoBrain as low as $3.88/mo with a 6-month subscription. Additional profiles (a.k.a. sibling additions) can be added at $9.99/mo each, when using the same device.

How is DoBrain different than other options?

DoBrain is the only learning program available for 3-7 year olds that has been clinically validated for its effects. We pride ourselves in having carefully curated decades of teaching experience into an app, and we're constantly working to improve self-motivated learning for our little users.

What is DoBrain's secret sauce?

Honestly, there is no secret sauce to our content. We put in honest efforts—more than 1 million working hours invested to date—to provide the best experience for your child based on our Founder's popular curriculum and the decades of experience of our lead educators and therapists.

What research are you doing with Harvard?

Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Massachusetts General Hospital are carrying out research with DoBrain between 2019-2022 to validate the effects of DoBrain on cognition improvement for children in the US. The intention is to use the results as part of our FDA approval process.

Is DoBrain FDA-approved?

We demand only the highest standard of content for our users, and hope to be FDA approved by 2022. A pre-submission application was filed with the FDA in late 2020. Currently, there is an Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA to offer DoBrain as a medical device due to COVID-19.

Is DoBrain accessible to neurodiverse children?

DoBrain has been tested with children who have borderline developmental delay due to autism, intellectual disability, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and others with positive results.

Why don't I see a 4.6 star rating in the App Store?

DoBrain's beta version was available between 2018-2020, during which over 450,000 users tested the app, and reported an average of 4.6 stars given by parents. The beta version is no longer in the App Store, but we would be happy to provide screenshots of the previous App Store comments & scores. Contact us at

Can my child do multiple lessons at once?

Yes, you will have unlimited access to content once you subscribe to our plan. However, doctors recommend no more than one hour of digital exposure per day.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Each lesson is about 15 minutes long, and is composed of animated stories with carefully designed problem-solving activities. On average, a student will solve 10~15 problems in one lesson.

Should my child use the app alone?

The app does not require the parent to be present. For best results, keep an eye out for our reports provided after every 7 sessions and upon completion of each milestone (28 sessions). Don't forget to ask your child what he or she learned with DoBrain every day!

My child gets frustrated when he/she is wrong

This is a common and natural response for children, and a necessary learning experience. Please encourage your child to try again if this happens!

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DoBrain is intended for use by children ages 3-7.

In some cases, the names of children mentioned on this page have been changed at the request of parents in order to protect their identity.

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